Anti-Scaling and Anti-Corrosion Chemicals - Swissquest®                                                           

While others have developed their products on trial and error basis, SwissQuest's anti-scaling/anti-corrosion chemicals are developed on the basis of long experience and advanced science. They are designed to reduce cost at very high reliability and environment friendliness.

We offer anti-scaling/anti-corrossion chemicals for seawater RO, brackish water RO, river water RO and all kinds of thermal desalination plants such as MVC, MED, MSF. Additionally we have products for open and closed cooling circuits as well as steam and hot water boilers.

 In order to make a comprehensive and rigorous analysis of the scaling potential, we prefer to receive water analysis and production parameters from our customers. Subsequently we analyze the data using our advanced software, which is very near to reality in practice. For large facilities, we also prefer site visits for better understanding of their specific situations.

Disinfectants and Membrane Cleaning Chemicals - MembraClean®                                              

Our experience of more than 20 years, has resulted in the development of MembraClean® membrane cleaning chemicals. These products are specific membrane disinfectant & cleaners, designed to extend life of the membrane with very high efficiency and environment friendliness. Our disinfectant cleaners are used for RO, NF, UF & MF membranes in all kinds of applications. They are available as acidic, neutral and alkaline cleaners.

Our specially prepared product MembraClean® Plus is a unique preparation to disinfect and remove bacteriological deposits without damaging the membranes. It removes all kinds of bio-contaminants and is excellent to remove bio-films. Prophylactically, it can be dosed into RO feeds or cooling circuits make up from time to time to keep the system clean from bacteria.

Cleaners for Thermal Desalination Plants - ThermaClean®                                                            

Thermal desalination plants (MED, MSF, VC) have unique scaling problems, which vary from calcium carbonate scales to highly problematic sulfate scales and a presence of other scaling elements. We have devoted time and resources for studying and solving these problems. 

In our analysis and subsequent formulations, we also focus on corrosion problems, operating cost and environmental worries. Our in site analysis and customer service program are available to work out satisfactory solutions.

Coagulants and Flocculents - Dyepac® and Dyefluc®                                                                    

The DyePac® - Series are high performance aluminum-based ready liquid coagulant formulations that can be used for the clarification of both potable water and wastewater.

The Dyfloc® - Series are advanced polyvalent polymeric flocculent formulations used for clarification of various wastewater and for other industrial application.

They optimize the separation and filtration of dissolved & suspended organics as well as multivalent metal ions including removal of colors and dyes in raw wastewater. They are capable of producing RO feed-water quality in direct filtration application like multimedia and sand filters. They have filter-aid properties to resist solid breakthrough. They can also be used before ultra-filtration system for additional reduction of TOC and better performance during backwash.

Membranes for Industrial Applications                                                                                           

We, together with our world-class partners, offer specialized membranes.

Our membranes are robust, efficient and versatile:
         Materials: polymeric or ceramics
Configuration: tubular, hollow fiber, flat sheet or spiral wounded.
Covered area: MF, UF, NF and RO.

These unique membranes for specific applications are made to reduce operating costs and increase profitability. All these products are synergically connected and reflect excellence in manufacturing and customer oriented approach. We assist our clients from lab and pilot scale to small production plant in order to select the best membrane for their process.

Air Blowers - Mapro® and Mapnar®                                                                                              

Mapro international has been manufacturing blowers since 1959. The product's reliability is always assured thanks to a rigorous internal quality control and final test of each machine. Furthermore certified service centers and trained engineers are ready in the MENA region for after sale services. The main products are: side channel blowers positive and positive displacement blowers for wwtp.

Air Diffusers - Gasset®                                                                                                                  

Diffusers offered from Gasset have various shapes and sizes to suit various customer needs and waste water quality. They offer excellent value for money and are quickly and easily fitted. Disc Diffusers have a glass fiber reinforced polypropylene body, surrounding ring and mount to offer maximum resistance to chemicals, temperature and ultraviolet radiation. The diffusers have very good resistance to municipal wastewater, high oxygen transfer efficiency, low pressure loss, and optimized slit perforation.

Dosing Pumps - TACMINA®                                                                                                             

Tacmina Japan is a leading dosing pumps manufacturer with innovative high-quality reliable chemical dosing pumps to suite the requirements of a wide range of industries.

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